As a partner of Love Uganda Safaris, Love Uganda Foundation and Volunteering in Uganda, Love Uganda Logistics was born out of the dire need for people to transport their cargo among continents, and also as a complement to what we already know best.

This unequalled expertise has enabled us to quickly rise to fame and gain customer trust as far as offering worldwide import and export clearing and freight services. We also offer domestic cargo and over border transportation. Our main since inception has always been and will forever be to provide professional, but affordable services by acting as an extension of the customer’s management team.

Our customer relationship is unequalled; our customers enjoy personalized attention and every we do is tailored to their specific demands. “Our client’s business is our business!”. Therefore, we are driven by the fact that cargo handling, clearance and delivery should be fast, efficient and cost – effective!
We recognize the ever-changing environment in the logistics industry, thus we ensure continuous training and induction of our personnel to re-skill them so that our clients can get professional services based on the prevailing changes within the industry. Our main interest is also to understand our clients’ businesses, and present a wide range of supply chain solutions to meet individual preferences.

By using us, our clients get the chance of taking full control of their cargo, rather than allowing other parties to make decisions on their behalf. Take charge of your shipment by partnering with Love Uganda Logistics to be your trusted and professional clearing and forwarding agent.